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The Beaconhouse-Informatics alliance was formed in 1996 to fill an ever-growing void in quality IT education in Pakistan. Starting off with two branches in Lahore in April and September 1996, Beaconhouse-Informatics soon established a third branch in Karachi in October 1997. Informatics Islamabad and Multan followed in March 1997 and July 1998 respectively. Beaconhouse-Informatics has also established a sixth branch, its second in Karachi. We are planning to continue expanding rapidly in order to keep pace with the domestic and international market’s insatiable demands for qualified IT personnel.Like its innovative sponsors, Beaconhouse-Informatics continues to trail blaze in IT training and education. Its recent alliance with Curtin University of Technology, ranked by Asiaweek as Australia’s leading center of learning for science and technology, will allow its students to complete their undergraduate degrees without leaving Pakistan. And with current initiatives such as the imminent launch of Informatics Professional Development Center in Karachi and Lahore, Beaconhouse-Informatics offers its students unparalleled opportunities for professional and academic development—in addition to the stamp of quality that is born of the Informatics and Beaconhouse names.


Beaconhouse School System is the largest private school system in Pakistan with a reputation for excellence in the field of education. Established in 1975, Beaconhouse has grown enormously over the intervening years and is now imparting quality education to approximately 36,000 students in all the major towns and cities of Pakistan.

Beaconhouse pioneered the arrival of the private school phenomenon in Pakistan. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, it is a sign of the remarkable success of the Beaconhouse School System that other private schools, set up after Beaconhouse was established, have felt the need to borrow freely from and model themselves on the Beaconhouse pattern, even to the extent of using similar names.

Beaconhouse today continues to be a trailblazer in many areas and lays special emphasis on human resource development. Its teacher-training program with University of Bradford in the UK, for example, prepares hundreds of teachers for certificate, diploma, and degree courses in education annually, while its on-going program of constructing custom-built campuses across the length and breadth of Pakistan has again rewritten the model for private schools in Pakistan. Indeed, Beaconhouse has achieved tremendous success in making quality education accessible to thousands in a country where it was long considered the domain of a privileged few.

The Beaconhouse School System has its origin in the establishment of Les Anges Montessori Academy, which was founded in 1975. As soon as the government of Pakistan permitted the establishment of private school was set up in Lahore so that the students of Les Anges would be able to continue and complete their schooling in the same type of educational environment.

Les Anges Montessori Academy, the feeder nursery for Beaconhouse Public School Lahore was established in November 1975; Beaconhouse Public School Lahore followed in April 1978. Beaconhouse Karachi was established in January 1979; Beaconhouse Islamabad in 1982; Beaconhouse Rawalpindi and Beaconhouse Clifton Karachi in 1985 and Beaconhouse Peshawar in 1986. Since then schools have been opened in Steel Town, Hyderabad, Quetta, Multan, Faisalabad, Satellite Town Rawalpindi, Gujranawala, Hafizabad, Sheikhupura, Gujrat, Abbottabad, Wah Cantt, Sargodha, Jhelum, Sadiqabad, Rahimyar Khan and Bahawalpur, and further branches opened in Lahore and Karachi bringing the total number of branches in the country to 83 in 1998. As we go to press, the student strength of the system as a whole is nearing 35,000 and we have a teacher to student ratio of about I:15 a figure that compares favourably with international standards.

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By :::::: Bilal Mohsin Khan ::::::
BeaconHouse Informatics (Multan Campus)